Cenacle Prayer: The Upper Room of Jesus

God never intended for you to go through life alone. Even when friends and family are few, His unfailing love holds you, so very strong and sure, as both your Father and your friend. It is the gift of prayer that allows us to carry our troubles to God both by ourselves, with others and through traditional cenacle prayer.  Check out retreat center illinois.

The first cenacle occurred when Jesus gathered together with the apostles and His mother Mary, praying together as they waited upon the Holy Spirit. It is this joining together that fosters not only community but a powerful call to ministry. As we pray together joining with the Holy Mother, our faith is strengthened and our prayers met with the great comfort of the Holy Spirit.

It was Mary's deep desire that the tradition of the cenacle prayer be continued. She had witnessed its power for herself and wished to share its beauty with all of God's children. What an amazing gift to be a part of the Upper Room  of Jesus and what an honor to share in its blessings with one another.

If you are going through a difficult time or just need to reconnect to Jesus in a way that is intimate and near to the heart of our Lady, cenacle prayer is there to join your heart nearer to God and His will for your Life. It is in this special prayer that the body of Christ grows closer to Him and one another. It was, after all, Jesus Himself who prayed in the Book of John, "That they may be one even as we are one, I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly one."

Jesus desired for His children to become one. He wanted His people to be a community, a real community where people depended on each other and on God. It is this act of community that makes Christians more effective in their walks, in their missions and in their lives as a whole. God never meant for His children to go it alone. He wanted them to talk to Him and run to Him when life was difficult, when they stumbled and when they felt hopeless... but also when they just needed a friend.

When times are difficult, faith gently holds you closer to the heart of Jesus, reminding you through the gift of cenacle prayer that you are never alone. Visit ignatian retreat center. Your prayers are joined by other believers who care, by our Lady who cares about what happens in your life and by Jesus who loves you more than words can say. As you journey through life, let the power of prayer transform your heart and guide your way, drawing you ever closer to the beautiful blessing of community. Most all, may the love of Jesus that lead Him to the cross and to the very Upper Room to pray, be your all in all, gently supplying your every need and encouraging you to know His grace is sufficient.