Vinyl Tarp – Resizing and Pool Application

You may not need a tarp always, but it's certainly handy to have one around. It could offer instant protection and cover for products exposed to their surroundings. Yet, it could be folded and stashed away when it's not required. Typically, vinyl tarps come in standard sizes, with the edges hemmed and evenly spaced grommets surrounding. For proper functioning, a vinyl tarp just has to be big enough for encompassing items, with some additional area to have the grommets hold them in place. Quite often, the vinyl tarp could require resizing for properly covering or protecting an area or item.


To resize the vinyl, you'll need quite a few items: marker, scissors, yard stick, dish soap, washrag, grommets, hammer, glue or vinyl cement, and a grommet setting kit that includes setting and punch dies.

First, place the tarp above the area that needs cover or just spread the vinyl tarp on the ground. Draw a line to mark a new tarp edge. Take the vinyl tarp off the area and place it flat. Have a yard stick laid along the marks made and draw them again to ensure a straight line. Draw one more line besides the current line, a couple of inches away, to facilitate a hem. Cut the additional tarp material off along the external line.

Clean along the vinyl tarp cut edges using a dampened washrag. Use water and washing detergent to wet the washrag. Clean a spot across the cut edges at least four inches wide and let the area dry completely.

Apply glue or vinyl cement along the cut edges' outer two inches, keeping the package instructions in mind. Fold more than a couple of inches of the edge to make a hem. Paste it down and let the glue or cement dry completely.

Make grommet holes along the sides and in every new corner. Have the holes positioned in the two-inch hem's center and ensure the holes aren't spaced more than a couple of feet apart.

Put a flanged grommet inside the hole and then cover it using a flat grommet. Use a hammer and grommet setting tool for positioning the grommet. And repeat the process for all the punched holes. More info about it is here.

Using the Tarp to Line Swimming Pools

Vinyl tarps can be used as swimming pool liner, but it's an alternative measure. It's generally used on swimming pools above the ground. Basically, vinyl tarp has tear-resistant, tough, waterproof, and anti-mildew traits. Moreover, it's also quite affordable. Also, compared to other more expensive liners, vinyl tarp liners have a longer lifespan. As mentioned earlier, vinyl tarps are not conventional pool lining materials. If you're planning to have a private swimming pool, talk to your architect or designing professional about how feasible is using vinyl tarps.

Billboard tarp is another alternative. It's made from recycled used or old billboard material. The heavy-duty tarp is ideal if you'd like your pool liner to come good even longer than vinyl tarps. Not to forget, a billboard tarp can be also applied to swimming pools above ground.